COVID-19 Precautions

New Era Christian Reformed Church, in accordance with CDC guidelines, is once again gathering for worship. The following steps are being taken to protect worshipers:

1. When weather permits, we are meeting in our outdoor worship area. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs, however, there are chairs available for those who need them. When setting up your chairs, please maintain a distance of 6 or more feet between families.

2. Worshipers are encouraged to wear a face covering.

3. When visiting with other worshipers before and after the service, please maintain a distance of 6ft and you are asked to refrain from handshaking.

4. Restrooms are available inside of the church and everyone is asked to wash their hands before leaving the restroom for a minimum of 20 seconds with antibacterial soap, which is provided.

5. In case of inclement weather, we will gather inside the Church Sanctuary. Every other pew is designated as a seating area to maintain safe distancing. The pews are marked with a green dot for seating and a red dot for vacant seats.

6. Again, a face covering is encouraged. The same 6ft safe distancing guidelines apply to our indoor services.

7. We are not currently having a evening service which allows the church to be sufficiently cleaned between gatherings.

8. We are not currently serving coffee and cookies at our services.

9. Whether we are gathering indoors or in the outdoor worship area, please do not attend if you have experienced a fever, cough or any of the other known symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

By following these safety guidelines, we are confident we can safely gather to worship as we are called to do.

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